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Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Sun Dec 16 21:45:02 UTC 2007

At 09:33 PM 12/16/2007 +0100, Serafino wrote:

>other 'tenseless' tricks

This is very enticing:

<We envisage such a model, although at present it is still highly tenta-
tive. From general relativity, we take the concept of spacetime as a real
physical thing, namely, a four-dimensional manifold of world lines with their
corresponding spacetime curvatures.Within this geometric picture, the trans-
actional interpretations fit in very naturally. Where we break new ground is
in proposing that this spacetime is not static. Perhaps it, too, is subject to
some subtle dynamics, that is changes affect not only events but also entire
histories. Then, time's asymmetry will be anchored in that dynamics govern-
ing spacetime itself (e.g., the alleged progress of the "Now"). Also, quantum
mechanical experiments yielding apparently inconsistent histories, as those
described above, would give rise to an account like "first a retarded inter-
action brings about history t1x1, t2x2, ... and then an advanced interaction
transforms this history into t1x'1, t2x'2, ...." Such a model will be 
better capable
of explaining quantum peculiarities of the kind described above, as well as a
few other surprising results discovered lately by similar techniques ([9, 10]).
But then, such a model will be nothing short of a new theory of spacetime.>

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