[ExI] Rationality and Irrationality

citta437 at aol.com citta437 at aol.com
Mon Dec 17 14:31:19 UTC 2007

Practices/behaviors are driven by a subconscious desire for 
preservation of the status quo. Gobal warming i.e. is seen as 
detrimental for the life in this planet by scientists and rationalists 
alike. Irrational behavior/ignorance that cause global warming is on 
the rise.

1. Perhaps this is caused by lack of emphasis on science education?

2. The media's emphasis on irrational behavior by idolizing celebrities?

3. Capitalists' greed that capitalizes on ignorance itself?

4. All of the above?

5. others?

What are the chances to reverse irrational behaviors in the human 
species? To say the opposite acts of irrationality would tilt the 
balance towards rational behavior/compassion is a straw man's argument.

I see the evidence of irrational behavior is caused by lack of emphasis 
on science education and integrating biological sciences with the 


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