[ExI] Rationality and Irrationality

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Mon Dec 17 21:20:00 UTC 2007

Terry stated:

>> I see the evidence of irrational behavior is caused by lack of emphasis 
on science education and integrating biological sciences with the 
humanities.  >>

When even supposedly rational scientists don't agree on the evidence that the current warming s not caused by a natural cycle in the sun's emissions how can one blame the lay public for not backing a strategy that would have a devastating impact upon the US economy which is already in dire straits.

Evidence exists that the temperature on other planets is rising too.

I consider myself both reasonably well informed and have a decent background in science.

I understand computer models and how easily they variables can be manipulated to demonstrate whatever outcome author seeks to prove.

I understand that the Earth has undergone many major climatic changes during it's history.

I think it is irrational of you to think that everyone will agree with you just because you feel that Global warming is caused by human beings and can be reversed by human beings limiting carbon dioxide emissions.  I also think it very arogant to believe that anyone who does not agree with you is either lacking in science education or putting greed ahead of the planets welfare.

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