[ExI] Singularity as a complex adaptive system - What does the environment look like?

spike spike66 at att.net
Tue Dec 18 03:59:23 UTC 2007

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...I am motivated to do so because I am a matter chauvinist.  I have a
(probably irrational) dislike for putting my "state vector" through an
optical fiber...

Ja Keith but consider where that state vector is going thru now.

...In spite of my distaste for such a future, my honest estimate for the
post singularity population of _physical state_ humans is zero.  :-( 

So why the sad face Keith?  Humans have some very interesting information
content but we are a loooong ways from being maximized in information per
unit matter.  We can cut away major pieces of a human without significantly
altering the amount of information therein.  Meat isn't such a great way to
contain consciousness, but rather only the best way we currently know.  I
suspect when we do figure it out, it will be the biggest AHA Insight we have
ever enjoyed.  May we all live to see it.



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