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Wed Dec 19 13:36:34 UTC 2007

Me: "> Moral behavior is a dichotomy. Where in nature does duality 

Sam: "Perhaps you make it a meaningless question by the manner of 
Life vs. Death is a pretty primary duality very much found in nature."

Reply: I see all the processes in nature as forms of energy. Linguistic 
terms as life and death, morals or immorals are the surface 
manifestation of organic interactions/behavior. I asked the above 
question in response to what Stephan call "Rational Morality" with the 
implication to his belief that existence is preferable to 
non-existence. Preferences of existence over non existence is produced 
by a mind's habit of thinking in duality. Dualistic perceptions are 
mere surface perception of a brain/mind untrained in critical thinking 
due to immaturity or innattention.

Sam: "Yada, yada, yada.   This noise [above]  is also all mind.  Mind 
[can be] a tool of survival.  The "preference" for survival long
predated what we think of as mind."

Reply: What you call noise is a movement of the mind/energy. This surge 
of energy increases as thoughts expand in heated debates between those 
who still cling to the survival meme and those minds which move on 
beyond the memes for moral behaviors.

Sam:" Huh?  To exist or cease to exist is a fundamental state and in 
respects when thought through clearly a most fundamental choice.   To
not grapple with the question at all is imho to not be fully alive or

REply: The fact is morality memes obstruct the way to critical 
thinking. The mind is spoon-fed by society's definition of moral 

Sam: "So would you have us be a choiceless creature  being carried 
along to
destruction or continued unchosen and undirected existence by whatever
eddies we might find ourselves caught up in?   Would you call that  
being more enlightened?   If so, you can have it.   If not please say
what you actually mean instead of parading this rather empty pseudo- 
mystical prattle."

Reply: Living in blind adherence to morality meme is a robotic 
existence devoid of consciousness/enlightened process of living.



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