[ExI] Irrationality are mistakes in thinking

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Wed Dec 19 14:50:38 UTC 2007

Me:: "> What are the chances to reverse irrational behaviors in the 
> species?

Kevin: "I am not sure you would want to. Irrational behavior is a 
reality that
is a large part of us that is probably necessary. We are complex beings
and we have our emotions, preferences, and such. I am sure that getting
my girlfriend pregnant at 17 wasn't very rational, but my 18 year old
son is terrific and I wouldn't have it any other way - even if my life
would have been "better" without him being born."

Me: Irrational behavior are due to mistakes in the thinking process 
which maybe real but not necessary. Complexity requires consciousness 
to respond proactively and critical thinking is absent in irrational 

Me: > I see the evidence of irrational behavior is caused by lack of 
> on science education and integrating biological sciences with the
> humanities. Some educational system emphasize more on the humanities 
and not much on critical thinking involving the scientific process of 
investigation. Relligious institution teach intelligent design and less 
emphasis on evolution. This is more evident in the U.S. than in U.K. 
where the so called democracy is a mere lip service when it comes to 
the separation of church and state.

Kevin: "Sorry that you are drawing your conclusions so readily without 
a bit
more investigation. Seems to me you have started with a conclusion and
now you are working to prove it instead of trying to find out what is
really going on. You assume there are problems that need fixing so let
me ask you - what proof do you have that life now is not already better
than it has been in the past and that it is headed in the wrong 

Me: I did not say that life now is generally better than in the past 
nor it is headed in the wrong direction. A comprehensive education is 
better than a little or no education on critical thinking. Critical 
thinking can be found in the practice of awareness/attenedtiveness 
which comes with maturity. Thus irrational behavior is reversible.

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