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Wed Dec 19 15:26:07 UTC 2007

"I am somewhat disturbed to find myself agreeing with John Searle
on this point. I say disturbed because the man decisively proved in
his famous Chinese Room thought experiment that John Searle is
not a very smart man."
 John K Clark

The Chinese room experiment did not show the role of insight in the 
brain. MRI is accurate in brain mapping the regions where there is 
increased blood flow but to correlate that consciousness depends on 
increased blood flow is missing the point.

Raw feelings of aversion or feelings of pleasures requires an increase 
blood flow/energy which is necessary for the flight or fight response. 
There is a gap between the lower form of consciousness found in the 
lower region of the brain/amygdala and the neocortex. It takes time for 
insight to arise from the immature brain.

The feelings of being disturbed is caused by the increased hormonal 
flow inside the circulating blood that supplies the brain. Our hormones 
like testosterone, adrenaline and dopamine decreases slowly in time 
depending how the brain gets addicted to sensual stimuli.

Google on the physiology of the brain.

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