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I'd like the bioproducts industry to be able to fully replace the oil
industry before the last barrel of oil is squeezed out.
In my opinion it will be a horse race to see if we can actually make this

Morris if this is a horse race I know exactly on which horse I am betting.
Regardless of what technology is discovered, as long as there is oil in the
ground, humanity will continue to refine and burn the stuff.  Our burn rate
may slow considerably as replacements come online, but the existence of
cheap oil is exactly what has kept the replacements from happening.


Exactly and that is why government has began to force feed the biofuels
industry with taxpayers dollars.
If the industry can become capitalized to a high enough degree, then the
need to transform it to
one that can stand on its own feet will drive those whose money is at risk.
I had a call from a stock broker a couple of days ago
trying to entice me into dropping cash behind 2 of the biofuel players.
Another factor that will drive bioproducts is the internal greed within the
petrochemical industry that now has
created such an inflated cost to production of conventional oil.. the cost
of equipment, labour and supplies has skyrocketed
as every player seeks to siphon off as much cash as possible  before it gets
to shareholders...that there can never be cheap oil again.

Bioproducts require much the same equipment  and facilities as conventional
oil so this is something the  oil money guys understand.
The same politics that drove the run-up to 911 now drive bioproducts.

I was never a fan of the 911- Iraq/etc war , but it was that which caused

The only sad note is that the taxpayer is going to be bled to death along
the way.
The war took 1 trillion dollars of future money out of the taxpayers hands.
Biofuel will do the same... and the government-military-industrial complex
will use whatever means justify the end to keep it on track.

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