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Mon Dec 31 17:27:33 UTC 2007

From: spike 

"The Kenyans are rioting over rigged elections.  Over 100 are dead.
Democracies must move immediately to build confidence in elections.  The
fact that we can design fair, transparent and verifiable elections, yet
choose to not do it, is a danger to all democracies:"


Do you think that Democracy might work better if it were considered to be a
science of human affairs and ethics rather than as a science of governing? 
How many political people practice insightful behavior and how many are
using aversive, aggressive and snide political behavior?  Let's start
within transhumanism.  What are our behaviors and which ones work and which
ones do not work?  

I remember working on the scenario team with Mike Treder and Chris Phoenix.
It was beautifully run.  The same for SL-Transhumanism - open democracy and
pleasant atmosphere.  But is this the norm?  On H+ email lists, what are
the political behaviors of people?  What would "fair" really mean?  Would
it not mean that people accept diversity of opinion?  Do we do this within
H+?  If not, why?  Because once a person or group wages their bets on a
political belief of rightness there has to be an opposition to feed off of.


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