[ExI] Newtonmas wishes

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> Since long time I wish to know the reason why, when Santa arrives,
> children must be asleep and they are not allowed to see him. The reason
> must be a profound one. Such as ... if anyone sees Santa - more or less -
> at the same time but in different places, his own existence would be
> 'questionable'. Any idea?
> s.

Scerir, I have determined to be the no-bullshit dad, never give my son of
cultural legends (or if so to carefully identify them as such, as a
play-time story or game.)  This attitude is for religious matters and in
things sexual, (no god character, no stork bringing babies, no santa with
reindeer, etc).  I will always give him the straight adult truth as I see

The local mall santa is a neighbor and friend, complete with white hair and
genuine white beard, and even the pipe.  We took him over to see santa don
his red suit, and do the ho^3 thing.


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