[ExI] Newtonmas wishes

spike spike66 at att.net
Tue Dec 25 21:53:41 UTC 2007

> Since long time I wish to know the reason why, when Santa arrives,
> children must be asleep and they are not allowed to see him.

Scerir, I realized I didn't answer your question.

As I understand the historic version of the story, there was once a priest
by the name of Nicolas (in northern Europe somewhere?) who was a portly and
jolly sort who really did dress in red.  A family in the community fell on
hard times, such that they were unable to even afford a log for the
fireplace.  This family was too proud to accept assistance from the
community, eschewing welfare to the edge of actual starvation.

The priest Nicolas is said to have gathered silver coins from the church
treasury and silently made his way to the home in his reindeer-borne sleigh,
where he climbed upon the roof and dropped the sack of coins down the
chimney, then silently slipped away anonymously into the Christmas eve

Even if it isn't true, it is a hell of a good story.


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