[ExI] Re-framing Innovation re Consciousness

Harvey Newstrom mail at harveynewstrom.com
Sun Dec 30 02:24:43 UTC 2007

On Friday 28 December 2007 17:43, nvitamore at austin.rr.com wrote:
> How would you reframe the concept of innovation in its relationship to
> progress and change within the context of perception and its
> transformation?

Wow.  What an amazing question with such a detailed set of options.  Such 
rigorous thinking and precision of expression are becoming increasingly rare 
on chat lists.  Thank you!

My personal interests go toward reframing the role of risk.  But that is not 
to imply what other people or organization should do.  That's just what I 
think is most important, interesting, and most neglected by many futurists.  
I see this as making progress toward workable solutions.

The other options seem more toward promotion of existing solutions more than 
contributing to new solutions.  I think reframing innovation to recreate the 
familiar is a way to educate people on existing solutions.  I think reframing 
innovation to shake up creative activity improves consumer demand for future 
solutions.  And, I think reframing conceptual innovation enables the 
consumers to utilize the new solutions better.

So, obviously, my viewpoint is skewed by my profession.  And these are very 
complex questions, so I may not be understanding all the meanings and 
ramifications of your presented options.  But I see the first option as being 
aspects of pre-innovation development, while the other options are aspects of 
post-innovation marketing.

Harvey Newstrom <www.harveynewstrom.com>

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