[ExI] Asteroid on track for possible (probability of 1:25) Marshit

Ian Goddard iamgoddard at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 31 04:54:21 UTC 2007

>>  Hmmm, is building an asteroid shield a case where
>> government might be useful or even necessary? ~Ian

To which spike replied:

> Ian we still haven't come up with a design that 
> would work, even theoretically.  I need to see some 
> compelling BOTECs; [...]

and Bryan Bishop replied:

> No. I think we can do it. What about a sort of 
> loose-knit network of units in space that can weave 
> a shield together, or be a dispendable shield 
> themselves? They would be told to assemble in a 
> certain sector of the sky, a good distance away 
> from the planet, and attempt to provide enough 
> thrust to sway the path of the object. I am all for 
> the nuclear suggestions, but if that never goes 
> down ...

 If there are not working plans, who is going to pay
for coming up with them? And if there are working
plans, who is going to pay to implement them? Why
would a private enterprise invest its limited
resources in a project that would never reap profits
for itself and at best would keep things as they are?
And there would likely be continuous costs in
maintaining such a defensive system. It seems unlikely
that any private company would be motivated take on
such a nonprofitable task by itself. ~Ian


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the approach of daylight." - Thomas Jefferson

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