[ExI] The Mormon Missionary Experience (Was: Linguistic Markers of Class)

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Wow, that was all great.  You're quite the expert on all that!

I've got another story for your grand collection.  In Japan, one of my 
companions was sent home for doing it with one of the wifes of a family 
the missionaries were teaching.  I could see how it happened, because I 
met her one last time before returning home, and when she shook my hand 
with both hands and looked into my eyes... wow.  I think you've got to 
hand it to the large majority of them that can resist such unimaginable 

And it seemed like every missionary over there had several girls visit 
them in the US after they returned home, chasing after them, wanting not 
only a better country economically, but a country that treats women far 

Brent Allsop

John Grigg wrote:
> Spike wrote:
> The church was at that time pondering letting the girls go on
> missions too.  But a lot of us can think immediately of why that would
> be a really bad idea.  John or anyone know how that turned out? 
> I have heard that it is a sport among lonely housewives to try to
> seduce the Mormon boys, but I have never heard if anyone ever made a 
> score with them.{8^D
> >
> This has been quite a walk down memory lane! lol  I never meant for 
> this post to be so long.  It has been nearly twenty years since I was 
> on my mission and yet somehow it seems almost like yesterday.  I hope 
> my words will give greater understanding to the people here of the 
> young men and women who may show up at their door to share a message.
> Sincerely,
> John Grigg 
> *//*

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