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Fri Jun 1 20:42:22 UTC 2007

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> What just happened is really weird.  I had just finished posting about
> sick
> bees and was going to go out to finish my interrupted walk, when I noticed
> a
> bee half flying, mostly running into things in my kitchen...
> spike

Apologies for my chatter on a subject not directly related to transhumanism.

I just returned from a walk, on which I discovered yet another bee which had
apparently perished very recently, for the ants had not arrived.  The ants
usually take only minutes to discover and commence devouring latest expired

OK that's seven.  I brought this one home as well.  Upon placing this one
into a specimen jar, I noted that the second bee, captured in my kitchen at
about 1225, had expired by 1330.  It was distressed but lively upon capture,
able to fly after a fashion but not out of ground effect.

On my walk I noticed that my lavender plants have a few bees but not nearly
the usual buzz load for this time of year.

What is going on here?

In regards to my first sentence, perhaps this is directly related to
transhumanism in a sense, for if our bee colonies collapse, we need to find
or develop alternate food sources quickly.


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