[ExI] a doubt concerning the h+ future

John K Clark jonkc at att.net
Sun Jun 3 17:23:36 UTC 2007

Stathis Papaioannou Wrote:

> There are vastly fewer copies of me typing in which the keyboard turns
> into a teapot than there are copies of me typing in which the keyboard
> stays a keyboard

If there are indeed an infinite, and not just very large, number of
universes and if the probability of your keyboard turning into a teapot is
greater than zero (and it is) then what you say is incorrect, there is an
equal number of both things happening.

> I am not just as likely to find myself in a universe where the keyboard
> turns into a teapot.

Quite true, and that is why I said standard probability theory is not of
much use in dealing with infinite sets.

> It is still possible to define a measure and calculate probabilities on
> the subsets of infinite sets.

The problem is that there are an infinite number of subsets that are just as
large as the entire set, in fact, that is the very mathematical definition
of infinity.

 John K Clark

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