[ExI] extra Roman dimensions

scerir scerir at libero.it
Sun Jun 10 19:04:26 UTC 2007

> This comedy has a new dimension;

Many, yes.

> I read elsewhere, that Bush's newly
> switched-limo did not fit into the front
> gate of the embassy....
> (he got out and walked through the gate)

It wasn't the front gate of the embassy,
in via Veneto, but a secondary gate in
via Lucullo. It seems that the limousine
was too long, not too large.

He was going there to meet a huge catholic
community (Sant'Egidio community, based
in Trastevere, Rome). When the pope asked him
if he was going to meet that community later,
at the US embassy, he has been heard to say:
'Yes Sir'.

For more gags (in the Bush-Ratzinger colloquium) see

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