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Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Sun Jun 10 21:46:28 UTC 2007

At 10:48 AM 6/10/2007 -0700, Jef Allbright wrote:

>I'm ... frustrated by the inefficiency
>and "gappiness" of the experience, like listening to a good piece of
>music in short segments

Yes, I feared that might be the case. at least for some readers 
(luckily I've heard the contrary as well). It's hard for me to 
evaluate it, but I do read through each segment as it appears, and 
I'm pretty sure I'd be irritated by the lags. I'm glad we made sure 
that COSMOS agreed to leave all the chapters accumulating there.

>I've nearly persuaded myself to wait and read it when completely

That'd be fine with us. I understand that the on-line editor is 
seeing an interesting hit pattern, in which many readers appear to 
trail behind and catch up in flurries of episodes. If today's chapter 
shows N hits immediately, it will accumulate to 3N or 4N a few weeks later.

(By the way: although I'm the fiction editor of the glossy pop sci 
print magazine COSMOS, I didn't buy this book from myself, which 
would be tacky; it was acquired by the original on-line editor and 
the chief editor [my boss], and edited/formatted  for the web by the 
current on-line editor.)

>a price I'm willing to pay to keep up with your

Well, mostly Barbara's writing, tweaked and edited by me, but we 
worked out the storyline closely together, starting in Australia and 
continuing internationally by email and finally combining forces 
again here in the States. Some stretches are largely by me, but I'll 
never tell which. :)  Strictly speaking, it would be more just to 
give the top billing to Barbara Lamar, but publishers like to keep 
the better-known name up the front.

Damien Broderick 

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