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> Amara:
> > This comedy has a new dimension... [of Bush's apparent limo breakdown]
> > I read elsewhere, that Bush's newly
> > switched-limo did not fit into the front
> > gate of the embassy....
> > (he got out and walked through the gate)
> He was going there to meet a huge catholic
> community (Sant'Egidio community, based
> in Trastevere, Rome). When the pope asked him
> if he was going to meet that community later,
> at the US embassy, he has been heard to say:
> 'Yes Sir'.

Well OK then, what is the proper title?  Your Holiness?  Holy Father?  He
isn't holy to me, and isn't my father (as far as I know...)  I would afford
the man his due respect for climbing all the way to the top of his
particular institution, but that is an institution I do not hold in
particularly high regard.  I would have called him sir too, and to limbo
with protocol.  "Yes sir" is preferable to "Yes Pope."  Ja?

What I am struggling for here is an explanation for why Cadillac 1
apparently sputtered to a stop.  It is under guard 24/7, so we can safely
rule out sabotage, fuel starvation or fuel contamination.  Modern engines
are highly reliable.  When is the last time you saw a caddy fail to proceed?
If it is a mechanical failure, General Motors has a whole lotta splainin to

I must suspect an intentional electromagnetic pulse.  Since generating and
directing such a pulse to the president's limo would be both very expensive
and would not amuse the local authorities should be apprehended, one must
suspect a motive beyond a gag.  So my leading theory here is that we have
witnessed an apparent assassination attempt on Bush, as Amara obliquely
suggested in an earlier post.  Even then, the motive puzzles me, for any
likely assassins could scarcely see Dick Cheney as an improvement methinks.

The mainstream news outlets are not talking, and even Google is finding
little chatter on the event.  Surely mechanics will be dissecting Cadillac 1
forthwith.  A report should follow soon.


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