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Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Mon Jun 11 03:48:57 UTC 2007

>What I am struggling for here is an explanation for why Cadillac 1
>apparently sputtered to a stop.  It is under guard 24/7, so we can safely
>rule out sabotage, fuel starvation or fuel contamination.  Modern engines
>are highly reliable.  When is the last time you saw a caddy fail to proceed?
>If it is a mechanical failure, General Motors has a whole lotta splainin to

Incredible, isn't it?

The Roman comedy of Bush could not have been better if somebody had
scripted it. Alberto Sordi would have been proud!

But then, Bush was in Rome, where the tragedies and comedies become amplified,
one hundred times. Now the Italian politicians, the highest-paid  in Europe
want ice-cream in the Parliament...


>Well OK then, what is the proper title?  Your Holiness?

In fact, yes, that's it. Don't worry Spike, I didn't know that either,
until this 'gaffe' was printed on the front page of every Italian newspaper.
I'm still wishing that Sabine and I, in our outing on Wednesday, had something
to do with the deranged leaper:




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