[ExI] extra Roman dimensions

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Mon Jun 11 04:21:59 UTC 2007

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> Subject: [ExI] extra Roman dimensions
> Spike:
> >What I am struggling for here is an explanation for why Cadillac 1
> >apparently sputtered to a stop.  ...When is the last time you saw a caddy
fail to proceed?
> Incredible, isn't it?
> The Roman comedy of Bush could not have been better if somebody had
> scripted it. Alberto Sordi would have been proud!
> Ciao,
> Amara

Comedy sure, but let us not be too quick to brush this aside as a joke.
Something very important may have happened yesterday.  If one designs a
presidential limo, carrying high ranking meat along with a suitcase
"football" capable of launching nucular* missiles, one will naturally design
in some redundancy to enhance reliability.  For instance, one might have two
fully independent drive trains, either one of which could suffice, two
independent electrical systems as aircraft and many Rolls Royces have, an
emergency fuel source that has no interface to the outside (a fuel bottle
for instance) and so forth.

But it would not necessarily be immune to a large EM pulse.  If they examine
Cadillac 1 and find it has been pulsed, we would hafta assume this was a
failed assassination attempt, which could make it a huge international
incident with unforeseeable consequences. 


*You know, it really should be nucular.  Easier to say. 

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