[ExI] does the pedal meet the medal?

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> On 6/15/07, Samantha Atkins wrote:
>> Is it possible to get some of the more promising cognitive drugs out
>> there today like CX717?  Yes I realize it is officially early in the
>> official cycle.  But by the time the "official" cycle is done and it
>> is approved "officially" for strictly non-enhancement use only as per
>> usual I will have experienced several years of lower memory and
>> concentration that I could otherwise have along with many tens of
>> millions of other boomers.   What can be done?    Not 10 years from
>> now if then but now or as close to it as possible?    Can we do
>> nothing but talk and hope to get enough influence some day to
>> influence the "official line"?  I don't think we will ever get there.
>> Not in this country where even something as no-brainer as stem cell R
>> & D (or even R only) has to battle like mad.   So what is to be done?
> Natural stuff is probably easier to obtain.
> You can try ingesting 'natural' stuff like snake venom, cyanide,
> globefish poison, or the nightshade family, etc.
> What do you mean 'It's poison!'. Only in certain dosages, and they
> could be combined with other substances as well. Where's your sense of
> adventure?
> Just because something has a technical name like CX717 doesn't mean
> it's not poison. That's the point of long term testing.
> BillK
In my non expert opinion ampakines work by means of their toxic  
effect on re-uptake receptors.  I believe this interferes with the  
brain's self regulation.  Along with enhanced learning and memory, I  
prefer to include better self regulation.  I don't know what Ray  
Kurzweil takes, but I very seldom indulge in stimulants or  
depressants.  I prefer non toxic nutropics.  My favorites are L- 
tyrosine and DMAE (liquid).

Regarding what to do about restricted access to chemicals we like:   
Some say greater risks afford greater rewards.  I sometimes consider  
it ethical to bypass systems that represent a liability.   I suppose  
conflict can be fun.  On the other hand what if something as simple  
as sunlight on my retinas to shut off melatonin production does the  
trick?  -- Thomas
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