[ExI] Article on Aubrey de Grey in July/August 2007 AARP Magazine

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Oh, I forgot to mention ...here's how the article on de Grey (on the online 
TOC) is described :
Live to 1,000
By Mark Matousek
Scientist Aubrey de Grey claims aging is a "disease" that can be eradicated. 
Visionary or nut job? You be the judge


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> The article is called "Long-distance Living"  (only the listing in the TOC
> is on the  AARP Magazine site, but not the article).
> The article tried to be fair (i.e., tried for some journalistic integrity)
> at the beginning ... but in the end, it slid off into stuff like:
> "As University of Michigan biologist Richard Miller, M.D., Ph.D., put it 
> in
> a letter published last year; 'learning to do what Aubrey claims possible 
> is
> a good idea.'  But Miller would like him to solve another complex problem:
> 'how to make pigs fly.'"
> "What I want to know is this:  who the hell would want to live that long?
> ..."
> "Yale surgery professor Sherwin Nuland, M.D., writing in Technology 
> Review,
> worries that Aubrey's plan would 'destroy us in attempting to preserve 
> us,"
> by undermining 'what is means to be human.'"
> "Aubrey is not a godless man:  'I'm a happy agnostic - and I'm doing the
> work of the Scriptures,'" he adds, as if responding to those who accuse 
> him
> of playing [g]od."
> And at the very end, the author's note:  "Frequent contributor Mark 
> Matousek
> has no interest in living to past 110."
> Bleh.
> Olga
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