[ExI] Favorite ~H+ Movies.

John K Clark jonkc at att.net
Sat Jun 23 17:29:16 UTC 2007

The only transhuman movie that I think of that was dead accurate in every
respect was made nearly 40 years ago, it was called "The Forbin Project":
Dr. Forbin is in charge of a multi billion dollar project to make an AI, he
is successful; he thinks he can control the AI, in this he is unsuccessful.
For most of the movie we follow Dr. Forbin and his elaborate plot to turn
the machine off; it looks to the humans like the plan is working, but in the
last 5 minutes of the movie we find out it failed, in fact the plan never
even came close to working. To top it off the AI now forces Forbin to help
it design a successor machine even more powerful than it is.
Then the movie ends. Way ahead of it's time! Great story, great dialogue,
great acting, great sets, great music; but I think I know why this
masterpiece was never very popular, the humans don't win. This is also
a very rare example where the movie was MUCH better than the book.

 John K Clark

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