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>I may have mentioned to go see S1m0ne at one point, its one of my favorite

Keep in mind that S1m0ne isn't so much a transhumanist film as it is a

Consider the non-transhumanist fantasy, Field of Dreams.  At one point,
movie makers must have decided to write a film for adult men.  Not teenage
men, which would have car chases and helicopter crashes, but men over 40.
Lets have sports, a man doing something great, following his dream, a wife
that was not only understanding but was also gorgeous and supportive.  The
result was Field of Dreams.  Excellent movie, not transhumanist.  

A crew of script writers perhaps decided to make a filmmaker's fantasy

They may have discussed the biggest problems of filmmakers: the actors and
especially the actresses were difficult, prima donnas all, wouldn't just act
the script, wouldn't do nudity, etc.  So what if their parts could be
automated?  Computers do as they are told.  Then the remaining human
actresses would drop that attitude forthwith, bwaaahahahahaaaaa.  Then they
could throw in something about how maddeningly stupid is the general movie
audience, haaaahahahahaaaa.  Then a gag about the Antarctic ozone hole,
heeheheeee.  Include a Hollywood tradition of making fun of conservatives,
harharrr.  The result was S1m0ne. 

I thought it was a hoot.



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