[ExI] gay bomb again

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Sat Jun 23 19:12:05 UTC 2007

There was a news article about a fire in a warehouse that contained several
bales of marijuana.  Altho the firefighters were wearing the usual masks,
several of them finished the day feeling as if they had been "toking" upon
"reefers".  (This may not be the latest hip terminology these days, perhaps
it is updated by now, I don't know.)  Perhaps the hipper of the firefighters
were intentionally removing their masks and inhaling.  {8-]  

This caused me to wonder about Gene's notion of finding a behavior modifying
chemical that spans orders of magnitude in first effects to fatal toxicity
ratio.  "Grass" smokings have always appeared to me as peaceful types, not
wanting to "rumble" as do some devourers of alcohol.  Yet I have never heard
of anyone perishing by overdosing "maryjane or "weed".  Can that happen?
Anyone know?

A marijuana incinerator would be easy to make, easy to deploy on a
battlefield, non-lethal, non-harmful to the local fauna, and might cause
those extremist Episcopalians and Presbyterians to stop slaying each other.
If sufficiently overdosed, perhaps they would begin to sing John Lennon's


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