[ExI] Catholic news aggregator gives >H article fear-mongering headline

Joseph Bloch joseph at josephbloch.com
Mon Jun 25 00:02:15 UTC 2007

Wow... the Crisis Magazine article has made it to the top-headline link from
SpiritDaily.com, a very conservative Catholic news aggregator deliberately
trying to look like Drudge:


(but it will change relatively soon; I've got an image of the site captured
which I'll put up sometime soon). The headline reads:

"Transhumanism Emerges As Huge Threat To Human Dignity And An Affront To

Here is the link to the original article (for which I was interviewed, and
some of my comments appear):


And here is a link to my blog, commenting on said article:


"Human Dignity" in this context, of course, usually gets twisted into some
version of "God's intention for humanity" rather than anything that actually
equates dignity with self-empowerment. But I thought it would be of interest
that the uber-staunch Catholics deem us worthy of headline placement and
such terms as "threat" and "affront to god". (Obviously, the author of the
article didn't have any control over that headline from a non-affiliated
website; he treated the subject of Transhumanism and myself pretty fairly,
as far as I'm concerned). 


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