[ExI] agency-based personal identity

Thomas thomas at thomasoliver.net
Tue Jun 26 20:18:09 UTC 2007

Jef Albright wrote:

> [...] I felt compelled in the sense of
> expressing my values, making the world a little better, rather than in
> terms of any (clearly non-existent) contract or other form of
> obligation.


> As for the possibility of pedagogical condescension and resultant
> offense implied in your statement, I had no such intention whatsoever,
> and as I indicated, my contributions to the public discourse are with
> our few hundred lurkers in mind.

Well, see what you get for using me as your example?  : )  I admit  
you have a great touch with hypersensitives, such as I, once you know  
with what you deal.  I can't seem to help liking you even when you  
irritate me.
> [...] intelligence, mutual respect and good humor for granted, not  
> needing
> ongoing reinforcement and reassurance.  In this regard, with certain
> individuals, I am clearly lacking.

Ironically, this prompts me to thank you for your extra effort on my  
behalf.  I enjoy practicing routine appreciation almost to the point  
of distraction.  It certainly pays off in my personal life.  Enough!

May I appeal once again to your tour guide compulsion?  What makes a  
vague abstract entity more extensible and coherent than a concrete  
expression of will as the source of personal identity?  -- Thomas
Thomas at ThomasOliver.net

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