[ExI] Is this really the case?

Anna Taylor femmechakra at yahoo.ca
Thu Jun 28 16:25:22 UTC 2007

--- spike <spike66 at comcast.net> wrote:
>Ja, Anna, you are right, religion is not highly
>regarded around these parts.
>It's always a delicate subject whenever it comes up,
>so I try to gently discourage it.  Generally the
>religious meme holders end up offended and go
>elsewhere.  The rest of us stay and our infidel
>memes reproduce and propagate, which is why we
>flaming unbelievers evolved here.

Spike, if there are any meme holders on this list, I
would think that they would be just as upset as I was
when I saw the video.  There is a huge difference
between a religious meme holder and religious fanatic.
I understand the question of whether God exist or not
is a question that will remain an issue between
Science and Religion but that's not what this video is
about.  It's about what they are teaching this
children, shouldn't everybody be worried about how
children are being manipulated and hypnotized? As
theology is still taught in many Universities I can't
understand why people can't have rational discussion
about it but I respect your decision to close the
subject.  If anybody would like to discuss it offline,
it would be appreciated.



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