[ExI] Psi quantum observation experiment

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Fri Jun 29 06:47:05 UTC 2007

At 02:20 AM 6/29/2007 -0400, John K Clark wrote:
> > So, John... in the context of Radin's experiment, your point is?
>Radin's experiment is trivial, Aspelmeyer's experiment is profound.

Aspelmeyer's experiment is profound in implication, certainly--but 
why is Radin's experimental result "trivial"? It might be bogus 
BULLSHIT, completely invented or very badly conducted, but if not and 
the results are as summarized it can hardly be *trivial*, seems to 
me. Or do you mean trivial *by definition*, since we know in advance 
that it can be nothing better than BULLSHIT? (Although if Anton 
Zeilinger had arranged it, and the same results appeared in Nature, 
somehow that would make it all better.)

Damien Broderick 

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