[extropy-chat] Psychological stress and Suffering

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Sat Mar 3 19:26:21 UTC 2007

On 3/3/07, citta437 at aol.com <citta437 at aol.com> wrote:
As a side note I would welcome all students of Zen and/or Buddism to this
list.  You have an expertise in the nature of consciousness which may differ
from the more classic (western) exploration and I at least (for one) happen
to believe that the exchange of such knowledge bases may be very useful.

(And before the diehard westerner's come after me I would note that Buddism
is an operational framework which has survived for several thousand years).

Humans have to choose paths, the paths which work are clearly evident on the
globe.  If the path didn't work it probably isn't here.  The critical
question is how to create paths which will work in the future which do may
not work now.)

If extropic reality is a process of growth to relieve mankind's
> suffering then that parallels the goal of Buddhism towards liberation
> from suffering.

So let us perhaps separate the concepts.  There is no question in an
extropians mind (at least generally speaking) that robust nanotechnology can
completely eliminate "human suffering").  So from an extropian philosophical
perspective there is "no human suffering" other than that which is

Would you hazard a guess at to how Buddihst philopsopy may evolve if "human
suffering" is no longer of concern.

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