[extropy-chat] Concepts of Suffering

citta437 at aol.com citta437 at aol.com
Sun Mar 4 20:01:05 UTC 2007

"Me: "If extropic reality is a process of growth to relieve mankind's
> suffering then that parallels the goal of Buddhism towards liberation
> from suffering."

Robert: "So let us perhaps separate the concepts. There is no question 
in an
extropians mind (at least generally speaking) that robust 
nanotechnology can
completely eliminate "human suffering"). So from an extropian 
perspective there is "no human suffering" other than that which is

Would you hazard a guess at to how Buddihst philopsopy may evolve if 
suffering" is no longer of concern.


Hi, Robert, thanks for your question regarding the concepts of 
Concepts of suffering exist only in the mind which is a by-product of 
potent energy/entropy.

So this belief/thought of a robust future is a mere thought not an 
absolute reality. Zen mind does not hold on to any concept of entropy 
nor extropy for energy, according to physics, cannot be created nor 
destroyed just transformed from one form to another. From the 
evolutionary perspective, we evolved from simple processes to more and 
more complex processes.

Extropy and entropy are the same forces of energy like two sides of a 
coin. One side cannot exist without the other.

Best regard,
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