[extropy-chat] Extropian thinking /desires for survival

citta437 at aol.com citta437 at aol.com
Sun Mar 4 22:09:19 UTC 2007

"Jef Allbright said from yesterday's post: "In contrast, extropian 
thinking recognizes that striving for ongoing
growth is essential and intrinsic to survival of any entity in the
bigger picture."

Me: Sorry for this continuation of yesterday's message. Imho, extropian 
thinking is driven by a desire for survival. However in my practice of 
Zen, desire for survival can be a hindrance to see reality as it really 
is. Extropic energy[organized form of energy} cannot cling to desires 
as esssential for survival. The random processes of energy does not 
depend on our desires. The anthropic principle conflicts with 
randomness/one of the characteristics of reality. We want an absolute 
certainty of a utopian future.

Jef: "Now one could easily respond that striving for growth may 
certainly be
conducted with a zen-mind, and I would agree, but would refer back to
my point that this would be commonly seen as an exception rather than
a preferred new "standard" among most Buddhists."

Me: "There are many schools of thoughts even among Buddhists. Zen mind 
as no mind acknowledge the existence of thoughts and desires as mere 
thoughts and desires nothing profound nor the essential esssence of 

In physics, energy which can neither be created by desire nor by 
extropic thoughts is merely potent energy but energy nonetheless.

Extropian thoughts/desire is only one side of the analogous coin which 
cannot exist without the other side.

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