[extropy-chat] the non-transparent society

Robert Bradbury robert.bradbury at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 13:24:36 UTC 2007

I've watched several TV programs recently involving Chimpanzees and Bonobo
Chimpanzees.  There appears to be a distinct difference in a culture where
the males are dominant vs. the females (but one could suppose this is tied
to minor genetic variations).  While the Chimpanzees exhibit violent group
behavior (primarily by the males) towards non-tribe members, Bonobos
apparently do not.

If you've ever observed the typical "riots" that take place at soccer
matches it would appear that the humans lean more towards the Chimp behavior
than the Bonobo behavior.  (This isn't confined to soccer, hockey and other
sports have the problem but to a lesser extent in my mind).

The cell phones merely enable distributed gang (tribe) activity.  But people
are right -- the original violence is a criminal act.  Laws involving
"accessories during or after the fact" or "conspiracies" ought to be able to
cover the video broadcasting.

I could easily imagine that human populations contain a mix of the
Chimpanzee & Bonobo genes.  Ultimately we are going to get into the question
as to whether transhumans are going to have to be genetically modified to be
more like the Bonobo's than the Chimpanzees in terms of their tendencies
towards violence.

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