[extropy-chat] META: email formatting

pjmanney pj at pj-manney.com
Mon Mar 12 19:36:53 UTC 2007

>FYI: yr extropes posts still arrive in email form 
>looking like this; it's almost unreadable, alas.
>At 02:48 PM 3/12/2007 -0400, you wrote:
>>As a resident in an oceanfront community, I'm 
>>all for this, especially when our community is 
>>looking down the barrel (pun not intended) of 
>>Schwarzenegger-supported LNG platforms for 
>>Bulliton right off our coast, to add to the 
>>existing oil platforms, in a tsunami and 
>>earthquake zone no less... Interesting graphics 
>>accompany the article, in that the one thing 
>>each of the three systems had in common was... 
>>Scotland.  Two of the three technologies was 
>>from a Scotland-based company.  The third used 
>>Scotland as a testing ground.  Leave it to those 
>>practical Scots to take what they've got a heap 
>>of and make lemonade. PJ 
>>Electricity from the sea Dreams of converting 
>>ocean energy into electricity move closer to 
>>commercial reality. By Adrian G. Uribarri Times 
>>Staff Writer 7:42 PM PST, March 10, 2007 Off the 
>>western coast of Scotland, on the Isle of Islay, 


Does it look that way to everyone???  It (not surprisingly) comes back to me looking just fine.  This email system I'm using, which comes with my website hosting package, has precious little customization allowed -- pretty much just chosing between HTML and text-only.  If everyone is getting unformatted emails, I'll have to change my email address yet again...

Question to Damien: do my personal emails to you look the same way?

Any help or insight from anyone will be greatly appreciated.


(Can you tell I hate this stuff?)


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