[extropy-chat] Live long enough to live forever

Josh Cowan jcowan5 at sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 18 21:06:06 UTC 2007

On Mar 18, 2007, at 3:39 PM, Sondre Bjellås wrote:
> Having a hard time getting friends and family to adopt the same plan 
> and outlook for their own life. Any good advice on how to convince 
> people? It’s not a lack of knowledge, people know what is good and 
> bad, but they don’t seem to care. They don’t think they will get 
> cancer. They don’t think they will be the ones dying prematurely.
IMO, it's not only denial. For some it's the deeply held but rarely 
explored belief that they're not worthy of a "good" life combined with 
an ambivalence towards living. You might also consider the possibility 
that most people can't imagine living an extra-long healthy and happy 
life. Though it seems to be slowly changing, for most people there 
aren't that many role models of really active and healthy older 

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