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Sondre Bjellås sondre.bjellas at intellifield.no
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I love my friends and family and for that reason I want them to live a fuller, richer and better lifes. I'm willing to spend some time and energy to get them into this, cause if all it takes is a little patience and energy, I will get back a lot more. The longer my friends and family lives, the longer I will live. It's a good and positive circle. If all the people around me started dying, it would take years off my own life and I would be immensly depressed all the time.

I read Golas' post and I can't stop feeling he is overly generalizing and I can't relate to much of what he says.

It's obvious that you can't go around being negative all the time because others don't share your same ideas and vision. But it does bring me a lot of pleasure and enjoyment trying to explain and teach others in the same ways as myself. It's just one of the things I try to do, to keep mind fresh and challenged.

I have a saying that goes like this: I've been wrong, but I'm always right.

It's important to me to raise my friends' conciousness, on their own lifes and the world around them. I don't need everyone to agree with my own ideas, but I'd hate for people continue to be religious and have other fatal believes because they are to lazy, or nobody told them to think in other directions.


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Sondre Bjellås wrote:

> [...]
> Having a hard time getting friends and family to adopt the same [life 
> extention] plan and outlook for their own life. Any good advice on how 
> to convince people? It's not a lack of knowledge, people know what is 
> good and bad, but they don't seem to care. They don't think they will 
> get cancer. They don't think they will be the ones dying prematurely.
Welcome, Sondre. I suggest you keep loving your friends and family and 
forget about changing them. Quotes follow from a laughable little book I 

" . . . when we emphasize a positive, we are at the same time creating a 
negative. When we choose an ideal of knowledge, then we must deal with 
the ignorance that is other than the knowledge . . . we tend to return 
to the vibration level where we feel stable, something we can "live 
with." It's the level of stability, the level where we feel ourselves to 
be comfortably on the same vibration with others . . . "

Read Golas' chapter on Self Improvement 
-- Thomas

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