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hkhenson hkhenson at rogers.com
Sun Sep 9 18:19:38 UTC 2007

At 10:37 PM 9/8/2007, spike wrote:
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> > hkhenson hkhenson at rogers.com Sat Sep 8 06:07:59 UTC
> > 2007 wrote:
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> > >Was working on a way (space elevators) to get the
> > >world out of bleak future mode, but probably will
> > >not go back to working on that. The other way to
> > >deal with the world's problems is gigadeath. Not
> > >going to oppose that, writing a novel instead ... Keith
>Hi Keith!  That dark novel is an idea, but do consider writing a nonfiction
>book about your experience, from end to end.

My lawyers tell me I can't write or post about a cult I can no longer 
even name.  Considering the amount of trouble I got in thinking that 
free speech was a real right, you should not expect me to write about it.

>A bunch of people followed
>your case.  I notice it made slashdot and some of the mainstream news media.
>I speculate that far more people want to know the details of that struggle
>than will read the sci-fi.

If you or anyone else thinks there should be a book about it I can't 
do anything about it.

>Please consider this, and do refraining from posting your ideas regarding

It's out, been out for months and can be found with Google.  So is 
the follow on of a way to use it that could be done by a reasonably 
competent street gang.

>   I am already sleepless and worried and trying to think of any
>chemical principle I know of that would refute your previous comments on the
>subject, but have been unable to do so.  Had you not posted that, I would be
>blissfully ignorant.

Professionals in the business have not found a hole in the idea 
either, or if they have they have not told me about it.  They are 
mostly surprised it was not used decades ago.  I think I know why, 
hot uranyl nitrate solution is very corrosive but it was used in 
homogenous reactors.

I was a good guy and kept those thoughts to myself for at least a 
decade.  You can thank law enforcement in two states for motivating 
me to share it.  It just chemistry and physics, no matter how dire 
the potential results.  You can't get in trouble for that like you 
can for trying to draw attention to two cases of "depraved 
indifference murder."

>I will buy your book on the struggle with XXX.  We can have a name the book
>contest, something snappy like Keith's Kampf, or Bet You Never Knew
>Picketing Was Illegal.

Nothing I write has enough commercial value to pay minimum wage.  I 
have that from multiple editors.


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