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Rick Strongitharm godsdice at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 20:54:04 UTC 2008

On Sun, Apr 20, 2008 at 10:27 PM, Lee Corbin <lcorbin at rawbw.com> wrote:

> Rick writes
> > [Keith ] Henson replied:
> >
> > > While information has to be embedded in matter,
> > > the particular material is not important.  It the
> > > pattern of information that makes one person
> > > different from another, not the particular atoms.
> which was well said, and is the vast majority view here.

So then we have an original  and a copy or copies, but no  subjective
awareness transfer.  This  reminds me of many archived debates.

> > This makes me think that:
> >
> > If it is the "pattern", then the information should be
> > readily transferable when uploading, or even
> > duplicatable if one were cloning.
> Quite right. Are you beginning to consider that this in
> fact might be the fundamental answer to your query,
> namely that uploading (if carried out according to
> the criteria usually mentioned) would be no more
> disturbing to who you really are than a good night's
> sleep is?

Sure, but then I'm still sleeping while the copy is out having a good time.

> > Wikipedia: "A pattern of information (or form) is
> > the pattern or content of an instance or piece of
> > information. Many separate pieces of information
> > may share the same form. We can say that those
> > pieces are perfectly correlated or say that they are
> > copies of each other, as in copies of a book."
> Thanks for the wiki quote. Yes. That's just how many
> of us look at survival through copies.

 The copy survives but the original bites the big one.Lee

I see where AI and nanotechnology could make the copying work, but it seems
that I, the original, don't change.
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