[ExI] QT and SR

scerir scerir at libero.it
Wed Aug 27 07:41:26 UTC 2008

Damien, I suppose, wrote in July about those correlations:
  "All that's happening is that the outcome of a measurement 
  *here* is correlated with the outcome of a measurement *there*.
  All? ALL! Here is a billion light years from there!"

The Geneva quantum optics group performed a new
experiment (a two-photon interference exp. using
time-energy entangled bi-photons and Franson type
interferometers). They say:
  "We performed a Bell test during more than 24 hours 
  between two villages separated by 18 km and approximately 
  east-west oriented, with the source located
  precisely in the middle. We continuously observed
  2-photon interferences well above the Bell inequality 
  threshold. Taking advantage of the Earth's rotation, 
  the configuration of our experiment allowed
  us to determine, for any hypothetically privileged
  frame, a lower bound for the speed of this spooky
  influence. For instance, if such a privileged reference 
  frame exists and is such that the Earth's speed
  in this frame is less than 10^-3 that of the speed of
  light, then the speed of this spooky inuence would
  have to exceed that of light by at least 4 orders of

So, we already knew there are no local HV, now we know
that spooky actions at a distance (and spooky passions at
a distance) are improbable. Better to stop here and say 
that quantum world is non-local & non-separable? Wasn't 
after all the Newtonian universe non-local too?

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