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Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
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Can anyone offer feedback on the below abstract for an ucomping conference -
http://www.mediaarthistory.org/ and also mention here:
<http://www.superhuman.org.au/> http://www.superhuman.org.au/
For example, I am having a little difficulty with terms such as "existence"
"personal existence" "human existence" and "life extension" "enhancement".
If I use "existence" it does not have to have "life".  But if I use
"personal existence", it relates to the materiality of human life, which is
correct, but I am not sure it is the correct phrase.  If I use "temporally",
it means over time; but that "time" element may not relate fully to radical
life extension onto non-biological platforms.  

"The Transformative Human: radically enhancing/extending life"


Electronic arts augment human mobility and sensory ability, AI-driven
wearable robotics extend cognitive processing, and biological arts
manipulate living organisms.  But where is the artistic field in which the
cyborg, transhuman, and posthuman reside headed?  In fact, is there a field
at all and, if not, could such a field explore artistic use of
nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive and
neuroscience for the purpose of human transformation?


The author's supposition is that these nascent technologies - the
nano-bio-info-cogno quartet - revisit the histories of electronic arts,
robotics, and biological arts in challenging imaginary boundaries concerning
how far artists can go to extend, augment, and enhance human beings.  For
example, one such boundary might suggest an inability to extend biological
life onto semi and non-biological platforms.  Removing such a boundary, art
could play a crucial role on the way toward extending personal existence
beyond biologically limited lifespans. Further, because media arts'
augmentation of reality establishes a valued benchmark for extending
biological senses, nano-bio-info-cogno platforms might have parallel value
by extending the medium of human existence temporally.


Exploring the transformative human as a future human prototype offers
possible objectives for artistic works and might foster innovative
strategies for revisiting media arts' role in the continuation of human


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