[ExI] I don't understand students: help !

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Wed Dec 17 09:09:22 UTC 2008

> What is happening with students ??
> I passed this girl with a C in an Astronomy for non-science majors class.
> She calls me on my cell, demanding a B, saying she will go to the Dean if
> not satisfied.
> She struggled all the semester and she is barely literate. She had problems
> in understanding 1.6 *10 =16. Seriously.
> I was trying to be nice and I passed her with a decent grade.
> When I went back and I looked more carefully at her assignment I discovered
> that on 119 lines of her final paper worth 15 % of her grade 115 lines were
> copied from the internet word by word.
> The other 4 didn't make sense and they were full of grammatical errors.
> She did quote 105 lines but the remaining 14, that she claimed to be her
> own (how somebody can think to write a paper with about 10 % being their
> "own work "is another wonder of the Universe) are also word by word  copied
> but not quoted.
> She is fighting with me claiming I never mentioned they could not paste and
> copy to do their semester project and that she didn't do anything wrong. She
> want to go and debate this with my superiors.
> What is going on in the minds of these students?
> She is not the only one with this sense of the entitlement and reckless
> arrogance.

I am seeing some shifts but nothing like what you describe. I am studying
now and am surrounded by
young people - on the one hand the curriulum is lighter than in the 80s and
90s, but the complexity, pacing
and required selfmanagement is seriously steeper. Maybe that's europe.

What's described above would be fraud at my school and cause for dismissal.
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