[ExI] walmart again

spike spike66 at att.net
Sat Dec 20 03:09:55 UTC 2008


I began doing all my shopping online approximately the minute it became an
option to do so, sometime back in the 90s.  This allowed me to eliminate the
last venue in which I routinely came into actual contact with the
proletariat.  Proletariat other than myself I mean, and my family.  And my
friends.  And my colleagues.  But I could avoid contact with proles other
than these.

By bad planning and business trips I found myself in need of a ten dollars
or less gag gift for an office party so I went to Walmart.  I have heard
many criticisms of Walmart, some from posters on this list, but I found my
own mileage varied.  For instance, some have said they felt dirty after
shopping there, felt the need to go home and shower.  I saw the various
house fraus with butts a meter wide in stretch pants, the broken down
geezers, the usual examples of that demographic of society, and it made me
feel clean all over.  Compared to them, you know.  I felt the need to rush
home and roll in the mud for an hour.  But I felt so inadequate in the geek
department: many at Walmart were even less fashionable than I.  I feel the
need to get my geek on.



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