[ExI] Obama Transition Team Examining Space Solar Power

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Tue Dec 23 11:38:24 UTC 2008

> The only positive thing is that such people will probably be first
> against the wall in a real breakdown.

I want nobody against a wall, period, but I think we should keep a close eye
these people, as a society and through our governments. These people have
and motive for mischief and I don't trust people with these ideas, as surely
as I wouldn't
trust those leather-booted angry young men singing, throwing leaflets and
cursing at the
bolsjewiks at those neurenberg beer halls.

I know a girl, love her to death and always will, who says* blank faced* the
world is being
raped by human expansion, industry and technological progress - and that the
would be better off it 95% of humanity died, one way or another. My
clarifying that this
would in itself probably finish of the world, or describing the misery
people would suffer
in the process, or that we have alternatives - doesn't make any impression.
while she still considers me a very intimate friend, she now considers
progress and wrong and even IF it provided an alternative, still wrong,

I think this is a class of people who have started confusing being excluded
at some
levels by a stratified system, are starting to hate the world instead of the
forces that
cause stratification and disparity. I think she somehow senses she isn't
fully benefiting
from modern society and hence she misattributes this failure to technology
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