[ExI] Obama Transition Team Examining Space Solar Power

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Tue Dec 23 15:29:50 UTC 2008

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> I know a girl, love her to death and always will, who says* blank faced*the world is being
> raped by human expansion, industry and technological progress - and that
> the world
> would be better off it 95% of humanity died, one way or another. My
> clarifying that this
> would in itself probably finish of the world, or describing the misery
> people would suffer
> in the process, or that we have alternatives - doesn't make any impression.

One part of it is the confusion between means and ends, since most arguments
against overpopulation have something to do with the idea that by
controlling births a better quality of life can be achieved for the
remaining children, and/or their parents, and if they are not part of the
scenario anymore the point becomes quite moot.

In Milan, the municipality is taking active measure to make the traffic
*worse*, assuming that this way people would be more reluctant to use their
cars (as opposed to, say, the underground or their feet). Now, the purpose
of avoiding that people make excessive use of their cars is to improve the
circulation and the traffic!

I think this is a class of people who have started confusing being excluded
> at some
> levels by a stratified system, are starting to hate the world instead of
> the forces that
> cause stratification and disparity.

Mmhhh, I think this is a little too schematic an explanation.

There are many people who have no reason whatsoever to complain about such
forces, being in fact *favoured" at many level by the current "stratified
system" and "disparity", and still think exactly along the same lines.

Stefano Vaj
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