[ExI] Impending Newtonmass... what should I buy the atheist in my life?

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Wed Dec 24 01:11:20 UTC 2008

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> As an 'anti-christmasite' myself, I find it quite easy, with a little
 organisation. Make sure all your friends and family know that you don't do 
Xmas, check out the local shops and supermarkets opening times and 
susceptibility to <shudder> carol singers, get your supplies in before the 
crazy rush starts, and DO wish people a Merry Xmas.

Well, I guess I'm more of an "anti-ImaginaryFriendMas" type (I am not making 
this into a contest - just sayin') because I see no reason for kowtowing at 
the very end.  However, on good Borg days, I'll go as far as wishing some 
people a Happy New Year.

But really - do I have any more reason to wish people a Merry Xmas than 
wishing them a Happy Hannukah or Holy Ramadan or Habari Gani?  If there's a 
reason, I don't get it, I guess ...

> What's the problem with other people having a good time with a ritual
 that you don't share?  It doesn't bother me, as long as people know not to 
give or expect presents and cards.  Just because I don't want  anything to 
do with a commercially hi-jacked festival of a religion that has torture and 
human sacrifice as its main theme doesn't mean that I
 want to spoil the fun that other people get from it.

I agree with you, except for the part about wishing people a Merry
Christmas.  I see no reason to do that, especially when there is the "Happy 
New Year" option.  I have even seen Happy New Year cards - without mention 
of any holy-days or anything remotely religious.

> (The fact that I'm a dissocial grump is another matter entirely, nothing 
> to do with Xmas).

Ha!  I can relate.  However, I tend to be more pleasant and social at this 
time of year than just about any other time - after all, I don't have
anything I HAVE to do ... I can even watch trashy movies (if I so choose) - 
simply enjoy my time off.  No pressure - no deadlines.  Ahhhhhhhhhh ...

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