[ExI] Impending Newtonmass... what should I buy the atheist in my life?

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>> As an 'anti-christmasite' myself, I find it quite easy, with a little
> organisation. Make sure all your friends and family know that you don't do
> Xmas, check out the local shops and supermarkets opening times and
> susceptibility to <shudder> carol singers, get your supplies in before the
> crazy rush starts, and DO wish people a Merry Xmas.
> Well, I guess I'm more of an "anti-ImaginaryFriendMas" type (I am not making
> this into a contest - just sayin') because I see no reason for kowtowing at
> the very end.  However, on good Borg days, I'll go as far as wishing some
> people a Happy New Year.

Well, here's a little something that you can do for Newtonmass.

Read the wikipedia article on Sir Isaac himself:

There's some fascinating stuff in there. For instance, I didn't know
that he had a stint as an anti-counterfeiting super hero, while being
in charge of the Mint.

And, the contention is that he put more effort into Biblical
Hermeneutics (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biblical_hermeneutics) than
into plain old science. Next time someone comes blathering to you
about bible codes, remember that Newton, of the physical laws, optics,
calculus, etc etc, couldn't find anything in the bible along those
lines, even though he really wanted to and even though he tried
really, really hard.


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