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plus the roots of this celebration is not really christian but pagan. So many other cultures have a celebration during this time of the year, in association with the winter solstice.
My way to deal with the celebration is to embrace it and go beyond the christian connection. 

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>And there is nothing wrong in knowing what you are *actually* saying,
>especially as you would be lost in finding where enjoyment is ever
>mentioned in the French or Japanese formula, and as Navidad, Natal or
>Natale might tomorrow end up referring (again by antonomasia) to the
>birth of - who knows? - HAL 9000

Yes. That's why I suggested a few days ago: "It could be uttered with 
a sort of optimistic transhumanist air, I'm sure." To celebrate the 
birth/creation/emergence of... NanoClaus, SantAI, etc.

Damien Broderick

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