[ExI] the press and global warming: RE: Obama Transition Team Examining Space Solar Power

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	On Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 11:17 AM, hkhenson <hkhenson at rogers.com>
		>...This person's personal approach is moving to a remote
area and living in a house built from bales of straw.

Why bales of straw?  Couldn't she still use wood the same as always?  Or
animal skins like the native Americans?  Or sod, like the pioneers crossing
the grassy plains?  Or rocks?  Or dig a cave?  Or if the fuel runs out,
there are skerjillions of cars, SUVs, campers and vans that have no job,
which could be pressed into service as small but remarkably weatherproof
shelters.  Straw seems like a poor choice for a bunch of reasons.

	>...The person involved was fully aware of the dire consequences in
terms of human suffering...

Again with the human suffering.  Humans are African beasts.  Africa is a
mostly warm continent.  So a warmer planet should be good for an African
species, ja?

Has anyone besides me recognized the popular press is starting to get a
skeptical attitude about global warming?  This week we yanks were pounded
with some of the most severe winter weather in a long time, with heavy
snowfalls in many northern cities.  Yesterday on PBS, the reporter was going
on about all these blizzards, then went immediately into a story about
global warming.  

I noticed two striking things about the report.  Usually there is a pause
between stories, but this time the reporter rushed a bit, so that she
blurred the boundaries, possibly emphasizing the clash between the two
reports.  Was this intentional?  The second thing I noticed is that for the
past several years, during the summer the concept is called global warming,
but in the winter it is called climate change.  This report following the
blizzard story kept using the term global warming.  It felt a little like
they were subtly ridiculing the notion.  We are accustomed to Fox doing
that, but this was PBS.

Example of Fox reporting:


Has anyone here getting the feeling the global warming notion may have seen
its high tide in about 2005?


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