[ExI] the press and global warming: RE: Obama Transition Team Examining Space Solar Power

hkhenson hkhenson at rogers.com
Thu Dec 25 06:09:02 UTC 2008

At 10:43 PM 12/24/2008, spike wrote:
>         On Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 11:17 AM, hkhenson <hkhenson at rogers.com>
>                 >...This person's personal approach is moving to a remote
>area and living in a house built from bales of straw.
>Why bales of straw?  Couldn't she still use wood the same as always?  Or
>animal skins like the native Americans?  Or sod, like the pioneers crossing
>the grassy plains?  Or rocks?  Or dig a cave?  Or if the fuel runs out,
>there are skerjillions of cars, SUVs, campers and vans that have no job,
>which could be pressed into service as small but remarkably weatherproof
>shelters.  Straw seems like a poor choice for a bunch of reasons.

Insulation.  Google finds 66,800 pages for "straw bale house"


>Has anyone here getting the feeling the global warming notion may have seen
>its high tide in about 2005?

It doesn't matter.  I don't have fixed opinions about global 
warming.  But it is a sure thing that running out of energy will kill 
an awful lot of people.  So I don't care if you are concerned about 
energy or global warming, they both lead to the need for space based 
solar power, or (second best) 10 to 20,000 nuclear reactors.


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